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Trans Misr, with its long experience as Shipping Agent of TCL (Turkish Cargo Lines), maintains vessel’s chartering services with competitive rates, and as Shipping Agency, Trans Misr is operating from and to all Egyptian ports.

Trans Misr handles all kind of vessels (Break Bulk/Tankers/General Cargo). We are offering smooth and safe services, quick berthing, discharging, and loading in all Egyptian ports.

Trans Misr provides full Agency handling of ships. We guarantee SOA & prompt D/A, and we are ready to solve any problem faced by ship owners in Egyptian ports.

Trans Misr provides its customers with full brokerage services for vessels and cargoes.

Trans Misr handles for owner’s or their representative’s account:
-Crew changes (sign on & sign off)
-Spare parts & parcels dispatch
-Repairs, workshop, surveys, underwater inspection & cleaning, slops removal.
-Provisions, stores, fresh water supplies

Trans Misr is your partner in all Egyptian ports, we are offering you top, custom made services to meet your requirements. Our Operation Department and Customer Service Officers are ready to receive your inquiry and comments.

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