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The General Manager and Vice President of TRANS MISR, Shipping Clearing and Trading, is responsible for the determination and the implementation of TRANS MISRsí Quality Policy.

Customer Satisfaction.

Customer feedback.

The Quality of the services rendered by TRANS MISR is determined by the following principles:
  • Definition of the Quality requirements, by using the most economic method, is adopted for  the same functional use.
  • Fulfillment of the agreements with our client.
  • Application of the generally accepted technical procedures in conformance with the applicable statutory regulations, technical rules and standards.
  • Motivation of the staff.
  • Ensuring that TRANS MISRsí suppliers meet Quality requirements.
  • Regular Internal Audits and Management Reviews to ensure that the application of the -
  • Quality Management System is efficient and properly.
  • Ensure the compliance with requirements and continually improve effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
  • Periodical review of Quality Policy to insure its compliance with market changes.

All the staff of TRANS MISR is conscious about the issue of Quality as a management task, this enable the Quality Management System to be effectively implemented. Every member of TRANS MISRsí staff is aware of its responsibilities towards the Quality of it work, thatís the key of our success.

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