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   Port Information ->> Adabiya Port

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Adabiya Port:
  Adabiya Port
 Latitude  2952'N
 Longitude:  03228'E
 Time Zone:  GMT+2
General Informations
Located At The West Coast Of Suez Gulf ,Used To Handle Breakbulk Carriers,Cement Up To 50,000 Tons,Other General Cargo,And Container Vessels.
Quay Length:   1,550 M
Draft: 27-42 Ft
Land Area 854,700 Sq.M.
Total Capacity: 2 Million Tons General Cargo
2.5mtons Grains And Breakbulk.
Berthes And Cargoes
Type No Of  Berthe Max Draft
Grains 1 42 Ft
General Cargo 3 36 Ft
General Cargo /Cement 1 36 Ft
Grains 1 36 Ft
Lighters 1 27 Ft
General Cargo 1 33 Ft
General Cargo/Cement 1 42 Ft
Storage Areas  
Sheds Storage Areas Of 17,767 Sq.M. As Follows:
Cement 5,472 Sq.M.
Tobacco 2,180 Sq.M.
General Cargo 10,115 Sq.M.
Open Storge Area 23,000 Sq.M.
Areas For Containers 5,000 Sq.M. Approximately
Areas For Cars 2,500 Sq.M. Approximately
Suez Loading And Uloading Co
(A Subsidary Of Holding Company Of Transport,Services And Trade)
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