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  Port Information ->> Suez Port

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Suez Port:
  Suez Port
 Latitude  29°58'N
 Longitude:  032°33'E
 Time Zone:  GMT+2
Port Authority
Red Sea Port Authority
P.O.B. 1 Port Tawfick Suez
Tel.: 2062-320731, 2062-331123
Fax: 2062-331117
Telex: 66292 Raspas Un
Other Ports Under Red Sea Port Authority Jurisdiction
Adabiya, Ataqa, Safagah, Hurghadah, Nuweibah, Sharm El Sheikh, El Tour, El Qusseir, Abou Zenimah, Abou El Ghouson, Wadi Feran, Ras Shukheir, Ras Sedr.
Approach Area
Ships Usually Berth In The Waiting Area., Ships Whose Draft Exceeds 11.28m, Can Enter The Port During The Tide Only On Condition That The Draft Does Not Exceed 12.19m
Dock Density 1.030
Max Draft 8.23 M
Total Capacity 1,5 Million Tons General Cgo,8 Milion Tons Petrolium And Oil Products,1,5 Million Passaengers (Mostly To Saudi Arabia ).
Land Area 314426 Sqm
Yard Areas 24291 Sqm
General Information
Suez Port Is Playing An Important Role In Both Cargo Handling And Suez Canal Transit Operations, Where It Is Situated On The Southern End Of Suez Canal, Approximately 170 Km South Of Port Said.
Berthes And Cargoes
Suez Port(Port Tawfick) Consists Of 3 Basins:
1. (The Trade Basin)
Located In The Northern Part Of The Port ,With Average Draft Of 27 Ft,Quay Length Of 1250 M, Consists Of 8 Berthes Used For Both General Cargo And Passengers.
2. Ship Yard Basin (El Tersanah)
Located In The Southern Part Of The Port, Average Draft Of 24 Ft, Quay Length Of 1080 M, The Terminal Is Connected To The Suez Shipyard Basin, This Terminal Contains Three Berthes For General Cargo And One Berth For Ship’s Repairs.
3. Petrolium Basin
Located At The Western Part Of The Port, With Average Draft Of 24 Ft, Consists Of Five Berthes For Tankers Up To 14,000 Tons And One Outer Deep Berth Of 38 Ft For Tankrs Up To 40,000 Tons.
Storage Areas
Sheds Storage Areas Of 17,767 Sq.M. As Follows
Cement 5,472 Sq.M.
Tobacco 2,180 Sq.M.
General Cargo 10,115 Sq.M.
Open Storge Area 23,000 Sq.M.
Areas For Containers 5,000 Sq.M. Approximately
Areas For Cars 2,500 Sq.M. Approximately
Stevedores Suez Loading And Uloading Co
(A Subsidary Of Holding Company Of Transport,Services And Trade)
Regular Container Lines Calling
Trans Cargo (Own ships)
APL Ltd.
Transmar (Own Ships)
Pacific International Lines (P.I.L)
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