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   Port Information ->> Damietta Port

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Damietta Port:
  Damietta Port
 Latitude  2831'N
 Longitude:  04531'E
 Time Zone:  GMT+2
Damietta Is A First Class Transhipment Port ,Which Can Accommodate The New Generation Of Large Container Vessels (6,000 Teus And More ).Due To The Deep Draft 14.5 M.,And The Modern Stevedoring Equipments The Port Possess. In Addition To This, Vessels Can Enter And Leave The Port Any Time without Any Restrictions, So Vessels Transiting The Suez Canal Can Use Damietta Port Without Any Deviation Which Saves Quiet A Lot Of Time For Main Liners.
Damietta Port Authority
Damietta Port Authority
Tel.: 2057-325940
Fax: 2057-325930
Telex: 63204 DAMPA UN
Port Control
Tel : 203-4800100,203-4803633,203-4802909
Approach Area
Canal entrance : The canal is 11.3 km long and 300 m wide,
this gradually decreases until it reaches 250 m at water break and 15 m depth.
Water Break :
The western waterbreak is 1640 m long, 140 m are in land and 1500 m in the sea. The Eastern waterbreak is 738 long, 200 in land and 538 m in the sea.
Barge channel :
It consists of two ports one is 1350 m that links the barges dock to the sea and other is 3750 m that links to the dock to the Nile branch. The area of the barge dock is 250 x 250 m and it is equipped with a berth of 250 m long where water depth is 5 m deep. Diameter of the rotation dock is 500 m and its depth is 14.5 m in front of the containers berth and 12 m in front the general cargo berths.
General Information
Tide: Two feet above the constant level of the map
Total Area: 9,3 sq km
Land area: 6.2 sq km
Water area: 3.1 sqkm
Dock density: 1.030
Capacity: 5.6 million ton yearly
Berthes And Cargoes
Type No Of  Berthe Max Draft
General cargo 8 berthes 12.0 m
Containers 4 berthes 14.5 m
Barges berth: 1 berthes  N/A
grains: 2 berthes 14.5 m
 Storage Areas
General Cargo Approx 18,500 Sq. M
Containers Approx 265,280 Sq. M.
Refrigerated Cargo Approx 147,000 Sq. M.
Damietta General Cargo Terminal
Quay Length 1700 M
12 Meter Draft
One Roro Berth
Open Storage Areas 300000 Sqm
9 Transit Sheds And Warehouses
Each Shed Has Surface Area Of 5000 Sqm.
Damietta Container Terminal
Damitta Port Is The Leading Egyptian Port In Container Handling,The Port Is Playing A Very Vital Role In The Transhipment Operations In East Med.
In The Year 2000 The Port Handeled Nearly 560,000 TEUS.,Transhipment Represents Nearly 90 %Of The Total Throuhput.
The Container Terminal Has Received Their Last Tow Over Post Panamax Gantry Cranes In July 2001 With Another Two Of The Same Type Received Earlier This Year , Thus Making The Total Number Of Gantry Cranes 10 Cranes Which Is The Highest Number Of Gantry Cranes In Any Egyptian Port.,The Port Also Received New 10 Transtainers Adding Power To The Biggest Container Terminal In Egypt.
Stevedoring Co.
Damietta Container and Cargo Handling Co. (DCHC)
Damietta Port,P.O.Box 11 Damietta 34511 Egypt
Tel.: 2057-326746 , 2057-326747
Fax: 2057-326745
Telex: 63056 DCHC
Email: Damietta@dchc.com.eg
General Information
Container Yard Area: 340,000 Sq. M.
Capacity: 14,500 TEU
Quay Length: 1,050 M
Draft: 14.5 M
Main Stevedoring Equipments
Gantry Cranes
4 Post Panamax Caillard        40 Tons
2 Panamax Kocks                40 Tons
4 Over Post Panamax
Yard Equipments
10 Rubber Tyred Stackers    40 Tons
3 Mobile Terminal Cranes
24 Top Lifters
3 Telescopic Lifters
26 Fork Lifts
45 Terminal Tractors
40 Container Trailers
3 Flat Trailers
3 Tower Cranes
Among The Main Container Lines Using Damietta Container Terminal:
Click on Line name to get Agent information
NYK Line
EGEX (Own Feeder)
Mediterranean Shipping Company ( MSC).
Contship Dam
Hyundai Merchant Marine Co.Ltd
Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL)
Norasia Container Lines Ltd.
Hapag-Lloyd Container Line GMBH
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (K-Line)
Senator Lines Gmbh.
WEC Lines
NSCSA National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia
Malaysia International Shipping Corp. (MISC)
Yangming Marine Transport Corp.
P&O Nedlloyd Ltd.
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