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Port Said Port:
  Port Said Port
 Latitude  3116'N
 Longitude:  03216'E
 Time Zone:  GMT+2
Port Said is Considered As A Crossing Gate Between East And West Being The Northern Entrance Of Suez Canal.
Port Said Port Authority
Azmy &Moustafa Kamel St, Port Said.
Tel.: 2066-348269, 2066-348270, 2066-348271
Fax: 2066-348262
Telex: 63223 Port Un
Ports Under Jurisdiction Of Port Said Port Authority:
Port Said Port, El Arish Port, and East Port Said Port(Under Development).
Approach Area
Waterways: 459 Feet Wide And 12.5 To 13 Meters Deep.
Waterbreaks: The Suez Canal Entrance Leading To The Port Is Protected By Two Waterbreaks, The Eastern Waterbreak Is Approximately 3.5 Miles Long While The Western Is Approximately 1.5 Miles Long.
General Information
Entrance:  Vessels Enter The Port Through The Suez Canal Whether From Its Northern Or Southern Entrances
Dock Density: 1.030
Total Capacity: 4.9 Million Ton Yearly
Berthes And Cargoes
Type No Of  Berthe Max Draft
Multipurpose 2 12.8 M
Container 1 14.0 M
Grains 2 12.8 M
General Cargo 2 08.2 M
RoRo 1 12.0 M
Passengers 2 10.0 M
Lighters 7 03.6 M
Total Storage Area For General Cargo:106,000 Sq.M.
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