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   Port Information ->> Alexandria Port

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Alexandria Port :
  Alexandria Port
 Latitude  3111'N
 Longitude:  02952'E
 Time Zone:  GMT+2
Alexandria Port Authority
106 Horreiyah Avenue, Alexandria,P.O.B 215141 Shalalat.
Tel.: 203-4874321, 203-4874322, 203-4874323
Fax: 203-4869714
Port Control
Tel : 203-4800100,203-4803633,203-4802909
Approach Area
The Harbor Is Protected By Marine Rocks And 2 Break Waters While The Width Of The Entrance Is About 400 Meters And There Are Two Fairways In Between As Follows:
Big Strait 2000 220 14
Small Strait 1600 100 9
The Port Is Divided Into Two Parts Separated By Coke Quays And Breakwater. The First Part Is Entitled The Port Or The Inner Dock While The Second Is Known By The Dock Or The Outer Part And Its Area Is 600 Hectare, Moreover The First Part Is Devoted To General Cargo Trade And The Second For Petroleum Or Bulk Cargoes. Also Pilotage Is Obligatory For Vessels Coming In Or Out Of The Port
General Informations
Port Length: Nearly 4.8 Km
Custom Area: Nearly 900,000 Sq. M
Customs Barrier Length: 7 Km
Dock Density: 1.030
Tide: 1.5 Feet Above The Fixed Standard Level Of The Map
Max Depth Permitted: 37 Feet ( At Container Station And Coal Quay )
Min Depth Permitted: 14 Feet
Max Width: 2 Km
Total Area: 9600000 Sq. M.
No of berthes: 61
Handling Capacity: 23.2 Million Ton / Year
Berthes And Cargoes -Total 61 Berthes
Containers 3
RoRo 1
Coal 4
Live Stock 1
General Cargo 27
Grains 3
Military 3
Passengers 4
Oil &Petrol 5
Cement 2
Wood 3
Fertilizers 2
Ships Repair (Alex Arsenal) 2
Molases 1
Storage Areas
Ore Approx 64,616 Sq. M.
Coal Approx 402,306.68 Sq. M.
Containers Approx 155,905 Sq. M.
General Cargo Approx 86,136 Sq. M.
Refrigerated Cargo Approx 3,760 Sq. M.
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