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Trans Misr Shipping Clearing and Trading is a logistics services provider in all Egyptian ports providing full logistics services and multimodal transport. Trans Misr services cover all Egyptian ports with worldwide coverage.
Trans Misr started as local Custom Clearance Agent in 1977, with Mr. Hosni El Antably as own-entrepreneurship business.
To fulfill our customerís needs of logistics, new services have been introduced in inland, freight forwarding, and shipping Agency.
Due to the privatization of the shipping sector Trans Misr is acting as shipping agent in all Egyptian ports.
Since 1996 Trans Misr is acting as Agent for Turkish Cargo Lines for containerized and Break bulk services.
Trans Misr offers its customer full logistics services through its well-trained staff.
Trans Misr handles through its Agency Department all kind of Vessels (Break bulk/tankers general cargo) offering to ship owners smooth and safe birthing, loading and discharging, drawing of SOA, ready to D/A and solving any problem that face owners in Egyptian ports.
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