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 Head office:

8 Gamal eldin Yassin Street, El Raml station, Alexandria, Egypt
P.O. Box: 567 Alex.  / Postal Code: 21563
Phone: (203) 484-3120 / 484-1120 / 480-8444 / 487-0717
Fax: (203) 487-7111
Telex: 54536 HME-UN
Email: transmisr@transmisr.com
Website: www.transmisr.com

 Cairo office:

3 El Andalus Street, Behind El Meriland Park, Roxy, Cairo, Egypt
Postal Code: 11757
Tel: (202) 451-2675 / 452-8330
Email: transmisrcairo@transmisr.com
Website www.transmisr.com

 Contact emails:
Trans Misr transmisr@transmisr.com
Sales & marketing department sales@transmisr.com
Import department import@transmisr.com
Export department export@transmisr.com
Clearing department clearence@transmisr.com
Chartering department chartering@transmisr.com
Cairo office transmisrcairo@transmisr.com
Accounting department accounting@transmisr.com
IT department it@transmisr.com

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